• Home Office Option

      The IRS has announced a new simplified [option] for home-based businesses to calculate the deduction for the home office space, beginning with 2013 tax returns. The IRS calls this a “safe harbor. A form for this simplified option has not yet been announced. The IRS says: The new optional deduction, capped at $1,500 per year(…)

    • Home Office Rules

      With unemployment still near the highest rate in decades, it is not surprising to find many people working out of their homes. Now may be a good time to review the criteria for claiming a deduction for the business use of part of a person’s residence. Your home office must be used in a trade(…)

    • Back-to-School Tips

      Whether you’re a recent graduate going to college for the first time or a returning student, it will soon be time to get to campus – and payment deadlines for tuition and other fees are not far behind. The Internal Revenue Service reminds students or parents paying such expenses to keep receipts and to be aware(…)

    • Recently Married ?

      If you recently got married or are planning a wedding, the last thing on your mind is taxes. However, there are some important steps you need to take to avoid stress at tax time. Here are seven tips for newlyweds. Notify the Social Security Administration Notify the IRS if you move Notify the U.S. Postal(…)

    • Tips for Job-Seekers

      If you’re looking for a job, did you know that there are associated costs that you may be able to claim on your next tax return?  First of all, the search needs to be for a job in your current field, not for a new career.  Some costs you can claim are employment agency fees,(…)

    • Selling your home

      True, selling a home these days often involves a loss rather than a gain, but for those fortunate enough (or smart, as is usually the case) to have a gain on the sale of their home, there are certain things you should know.  For one thing, there are requirements for the time living in the(…)

    • Home Office Deduction

      Some of us work from home.  It’s good to know how to claim a proper deduction for space and time used in order to reduce our tax liability.  There are different rules for different purposes, such as special rules for day care or storage of business items.  If you are an employee and use part of(…)

Harris Accounting & Tax Solutions specializes in Accounting, Tax Preparation, Book-keeping and Training.

The Tax Guy - Rich

The Tax Guy – Rich

Here you can come to discover ways HATS can help you with your tax planning, including filing your income tax returns and strategizing for the future, how your company can obtain accounting services like bookkeeping, financial statement preparation, QuickBooks Pro training and setup, and tax planning.

Founder and manager of HATS, Rich Harris (shown at left) is a QuickBooks Pro Advisor, Licensed Tax Consultant (31086-C), Enrolled Agent (enrolled to practice before the IRS), and has a masters degree in accounting.

He can even teach new computer users (that means you, baby boomer and wiser) the basics, and more experienced users how to navigate your computer and the internet, upgrading your on-line skills and protecting your identity.